• Aubergine

    Aubergine is about opulent elegance: the rich and deep color. the larger than average cabinet door sizes, with silver accessories and equipment.

  • Christian

    French designer Christian Le Pretre created a kitchen that emanates the warmth and coziness of family life. Its warm wood elements accentuate its stark white surfaces, providing both functionality and French elegance.

  • Coconut

    Coconut is a special kitchen with the clean European lines enriched with the spirits of the Pacific with the rich grains of palisander wood. The kitchen's wholeness is further emphasized by the absence of visible accessories.

  • Corsica

    Corsica like the island is made to float in the outdoor greens. Made of teak wood, it is designed to withstand the elements. its sliding top opens to be used as a table or closes to hide the hob.

  • Light Master

    Light Master is all about mood. Rich walnut texture and warm back-lit acrylic panels combine to create a special atmosphere for a relaxing cooking experience.

  • Delta Kitchen

    Barcelona based designers Harry & Camila were inspired by the nile and its importance of function for the people of Egypt. the Delta Kitchen immediately demands the attention with its dynamic running lines, sculpting functions and shape in space.

  • Oceanic

    Though it can come in different colors, Its smooth high lines always allude to the relaxing nature of an ocean. Facilitated by its lengthy height, storage space is its key character, as this model is designed to accommodate all the storage you have.

  • Suki

    Ideal for the urban professionals, Suki caters to a fast and flexible lifestyle. A mobile L-shaped table can be both a work surface or an eating table when pushed against the built in bench.

  • The Closet

    Storage is made simple with The Closet. You need versatility so you have a number of elements to cater to your specific needs. Need a change or season, you can adjust the parts to your needs.

  • Granada

    Granada is ideal for small space kitchens with its bold horizontal line expanding the sense of space. Its wide palette of optional colors make it suitable for all tastes.

  • Zebrano

    Designed for an open kitchen, the back wall conceals the fridge and storage units. The corner light feature adds warmth to the richly textured wood.

  • Sardinia Island

    Ideal when you need both a kitchen and a dining table, and you have room for only one. The island has a sliding wood top that moves to cover the sink and hob plus provides an elegant dining surface.